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All the vital details about Valium

What is Valium?

Valium is a brand name of a tranquilizer medicine introduced by the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche in 1964. It is safer and more effective than several other sedative-hypnotic drugs. 

It quickly became a standard drug for treating anxiety. It is a medicine used to treat seizures, alcohol withdrawal, and anxiety. One can also use it to relieve muscle spasms. This medication works by calming the nerves and brain. It belongs to the drug class of benzodiazepine drugs. 

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The uses of Valium –

Valium is used for the temporary relief of severe anxiety disorder, muscle spasms, RLS, and fits. Off-label, it also reduces alcohol withdrawal symptoms (for example, sweating and difficulty sleeping, etc.). 

Valium is used to treat stiff person syndrome and tetanus, along with some measures of intensive treatment. It can be used to treat spastic muscular paresis caused by spinal cord or cerebral conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, or spinal cord injury.

 Before undergoing any surgical procedure, this medicine is sometimes given as pre-med to prevent fear, stress, anxiety, and worry. Thus, you may buy Valium online if you often experience anxiety and panic. Valium is also used for anxiolysis, post- or preoperative sedation, or amnesia. One may also use it to treat organophosphate poisoning, complications with psychosis, and stimulant overdoses, such as methamphetamine and cocaine.

 It is also used intermittently to help prevent febrile seizures in children aged below five years.

How does Valium work?

Valium works by increasing the action of a chemical messenger (GABA), which suppresses the excessive and abnormal activity of your nerve cells in the brain. 

In other terms, it works by increasing levels of calming chemicals known as gamma-amino-butyric acid in the brain. It, in turn, helps to alleviate anxiety, stop seizure attacks (fits), and relaxation of tense muscles. Besides this, it also relieves temporary insomnia (sleeplessness) due to anxiety disorder. The off-label uses of Valium include the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, insomnia, and panic disorder. 

However, Valium is not recommended for mild to moderate stress and anxiety related to daily life. Valium begins to work quickly in your body, and the user will get calming effects within 2 hours of using the drug. However, it can work within 15 to 30 minutes for some people. You may order Valium online since it is the most effective anti-anxiety drug, and it works rapidly to calm you.

How should you take Valium?

Take Valium by mouth with or without food as your doctor instructs. 

While using the liquid form of this drug, carefully measure the dose with a spoon or particular measuring device. Do not use a household spoon, as you might not get the correct amount. It is necessary to take the proper dose of Valium. 

If you are taking the concentrated solution of Valium, use the medicine dropper given and mix the measured dose with a small amount of soft food or liquid (such as pudding). Take all of this mixture at once. 

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Valium is used for temporary treatment, and it is not advisable to miss a dose as that can be damaging to health. If you do not take it correctly, the symptoms (anxiety, agitation, seizures, muscle spasms, or tremors from alcohol withdrawal ) will not get better.

What should you avoid while using Valium?

  • Avoid consuming grapefruit while using this medicine unless your doctor says it would be safe for your consumption. Grapefruit and caffeine consumption could increase the risk of side effects with this drug. Ask your doctor for further details.
  • Alcohol, along with Valium, may lead to a synergistic increment of the hypotensive characteristics of benzodiazepine drugs. Hence, one must avoid drinking alcohol while on this medicine. 
  • Avoid performing a task that needs you to focus, as Valium may sometimes make you feel dizzy or drowsy.

The side effects of Valium –

The common side effects of Valium include trouble with coordination and sleepiness. Valium can also cause reflex tachycardia, impaired coordination, suppression of REM sleep, impaired motor function, dizziness, impaired balance, and reflex tachycardia. 

Apart from these, Valium may also lead to muscle weakness, feeling sleepy, feeling exhausted all the time, and balance disorder (loss of balance ). 

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